Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I want to use the enlarger lens to make little stuff big. Specifically I want to zoom in on all of the weird looking stuff we eat s much as I can to bring down the curtain. In fact the curtain is usually what makes a lof of what we eat look so weird. Diptychs come to mind but that may be too preachy.

I can only assume this has been done hundreds of times but what hasn't. I've been mulling around with different ideas and hitting up fine arts majors and their lovely supplies of resin to no results though. I'll look for photos to liken what I want to do to but at the worst I may have to turn to "Supersize Me" and "Food Inc."


  1. You seem to have a conceptual direction given your two inspirations. I would also consider the pseudo scientific aspect of examining food at such a close range and with such detail. Also take a look at the work of Michael Oliveri at http://michaeloliveri.com

  2. I have seen some of the test images you've been trying, and I think you're close, but...Perhaps you can push it slightly further? I was looking at the broccoli shot for about 5 minutes before I realized what it is, which means you should push it until you have to tell me what it is. I think when you hit that point, you're golden.