Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heather R. Proposal

For this assignment I would like to play with double exposures and photograph landscapes. I was thinking of creating two different views of the same scene on a negative. Something kind of like these examples:
I have been debating about shooting this assignment as landscapes with double exposures of people, I would post an example but I didn't really find any that I liked.

For my shooting schedule, I would like to shoot this over the next weekend. This project does not really call for any special equipment, other than the camera itself and it's accessories. I will be shooting on color film and my final print size will be 24"x24".


  1. Consider experimenting with placing the negative in the holders emulsion side down then reloading and flipping the negative to the correct side out (emulsion side up).

  2. I am allured to the colored photographs as well. As far as working with people, it may be nice especially if the location was a special place to that person. I don't know whether or not the portrait of the person would get lost in the double exposure, but it sounds like a good challenge and very interesting.

  3. I really like Monica's idea, and I also really like the idea of exposing multiple times with the architecture photograph you have as an example. It looks as though they kept rotating the film, and that's a very neat idea to experiment with. Maybe this could help, just found.

  4. I really like this idea. Consider the factor being changed in these double exposures. Will it be scale? Composition? Would you do long exposures of the same person in a space, or are you going to play with ratios and get an evenly exposed through-the-lens composite? I think this could turn out a very strong, excellent idea.