Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sabrina Hegedus- proposal

For my open assignment I want to go back to what got me interested in photography. Trees. I'm slightly obsessed with them and I never use them for a series. Recently I've been very intrigued by tree tops and the shapes they create. In the right light I think its stunning, the pattern against the sky feels like lace to me. I just want to show the delicacy I see.


  1. I would investigate the relationship other artist have applied to tree branches. Firt one that come to mind are the Starn Twins and Michael Marshall.



  2. We have the wonderful benefit of having beautifully vibrant winds alongside our wonderful weather, take advantage! What qualities of tree do you plan on emphasizing in order to stress their delicacy? To me, trees are strong, timeless symbols, and I am curious to see how you can present them in a more delicate light. Will you only photograph certain types of trees, or a whole myriad of trees? Slow or fast shutter speed? With or without wind? I am excited to see how these turn out.