Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Melissa Schroeder Proposal

For this assignment I believe I am going to shoot a series of portraits with black and white film. Since we have begun learning how to shoot with the view camera I have been eager to shoot portraits with it. I am hoping to be able to obtain some beautiful high quality portraits. And with the ability to play around with the tilts and shifts I feel I will get some unique images.


  1. Consider how the distortion changes the read of an image. Often the addition of tilts and shifts make for images that read as dream like. Areas lacking in focus may be seen as concealing truth. In short, don't just consider the beauty of the images formed by the camera movements, but also the shift in the viewers interaction with the image.

    Try to keep your lighting ratio around 4:1 or higher with black and white.

  2. I am very interested in black and white portraits, especially with view camera. I have an awesome website for this, but need to find it. Here's another one that maybe inspiring until I can find the other.


  3. I'd work with scale on this one Melissa. One of the things that makes view camera so interesting in the sheer size you can work at compared to 35mm. I also believe bringing the human face outside of it's normal scale will give a very interesting experience. Will they be full body portraits, or just the faces? Will there be any significant factor tying in what models you use, or is the emphasis more on the portrait and less on the subject?