Monday, February 15, 2010

Monica Bello, 4X5 Open Proposal

I suppose I will visit the location I had wished to shoot for the architecture assignment. My rooftop has a flat area I can shoot from. The rest of the roof has broken and grimy tiles. A chimney is also in view from up there. It would most likely be an observation of an area. I suppose the images may or may not work better in black and white, but I don' know how to shoot black and white. I suppose using a calumet with a 90mm lens would be appropriate to capture a larger view of the rooftop.

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  1. Monica, please elaborate on why this roof top and not others. When do you plan to shoot?

    Black and white is the same as shooting color... the processing is different, in that the chemicals are different and development time depends upon the brand/make of the film.

    We can discuss this further in class.