Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ellens proposal

For this project for view camera I was planning on creating miniature environments, and putting people into them. I'm planning on shooting both parts in studio and then later putting the images together in photoshop. I have yet to decide if I'm going to create outdoor landscapes or interiors, but will (time allowing) most likely do one or two of each.


  1. Use your film to primarily shoot the miniatures, leaving the the miniatures and the people with film only if there is some to share. Some of the challenges you will face is replicating the lighting on the people to match that of the miniature. Not only is directing and intensity of light is important, but also the relative size of the light source to the subject.

    Please shoot digital along side the film and seek my assistance with the lighting.

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  3. Play around with force field perspective, playing with the foreground will add a great more deal of depth to the images than selective focusing alone. Are these miniatures going to be acting in this environment, or interacting? Howso? I'm excited to see what lighting techniques you utilize to give the impression of the people actually existing in the space.